One Year Later - My Big Move Across The Country!

Hello friends! I wanted to check in!

One year ago this week, I arrived in Denver. I remember driving and feeling giddy like something so good was about to happen. Needless to say, living here has exceeded my expectations.

Some highlights of my year here in Colorado -

Joining the gay mens chorus! This was the first thing I did and made friends right away and was a great thing to do right when I moved here! I remember before auditions thinking I should take a few months and get settled before I did anything but I am so glad I jumped right into an activity.

Playing team sports has been my favorite part as you can probably tell by my posts . I always wanted to play more sports growing up but felt too prissy or nervous that I would mess it all up and get picked on . Since I moved here I have been on flag football, kickball, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and soccer teams! It is wonderful how easy it is to get involved here! And the football league is like a family and that has been by far my best thing I joined.

Oh. My car got hit twice simply being parked! Oh and I became a really good parallel parker living in a city!


I started roller skating and skiing, did some adult gymnastics and figure skated for the first time in years!

I continued to not drink even though I thought when I moved here I might social drink for the sake of my social life. I am proud/glad I have continued to not drink yet go out all the time. As I always tell my friends, “no one is having a better time than me”. 🤪 I am so glad I don't need/want alcohol anymore. My social life is better than ever without it.

I found a church I love going to and have never felt closer to God or like I belonged at a church the way I feel here. Last week at our gala, we were singing The 12 Days of Christmas with our own lyrics and instead of Two Turtle Doves, we sang Two Men In Love and I was dying how happy I was and seeing so many kids there who will never bat an eye at a person being gay.

I continued to lead a minimalist life. A year ago, I got rid of all my possessions and I was very good this year if I bought 2 new shirts, I donated two shirts. My life and brain are much less cluttered. This has been huge!

I made it though the first year of my life ever not having a boyfriend or any sort of dating options. I lived as a truly happily single person and honored my commitment to be single as seriously as I did my commitment to be a married person. It was amazing and allowed me to truly nurture friendships with gay men in a way I never have before.

I love how much I have changed and evolved in ONE YEAR! The changes are all the result of mindset shifts. So much of my life was on AUTOPILOT and I was living unconsciously. If this sounds like you, please reach out to me for 1 on 1 coaching. I would love to connect and see how we can get you living a life you never even knew was possible! Yay!

As 2018 ends, I know many of you are thinking of joining a gym or eating better or traditional stuff. I just want to remind you to not be looking for external solutions to internal problems. The only thing that will work long term is the thought work and the reconstruction of your belief systems! We can do that together!

I am running holidays specials on monthly coaching packages right now as well as 90 minute intensive calls in January! I did this last year and they were a big hit so, fill out the “Work with Buck” form on the website or shoot me a message if you are ready to work together! If now is not the time, I get it, when it is, I am always here! 

Love, Buck

Loving the horrible things about myself as much as the amazing things!

On this day in Buck history!