Loving the horrible things about myself as much as the amazing things!

2018 was one of the best years of my life! I am not sad to see it end but ready to see it continue into 2019. I think this was the first year of my life that I was truly okay with myself.

That may seem odd coming from someone as positive and optimistic as me but I have always been very hard on myself and beat myself up about many things.

I didn’t do that at all this year. I actually learned to really like all the terrible things about myself. 🙂

Like, not trying to change but to truly like and appreciate the things I had previously thought were my absolute worst qualities.

There are plenty of wonderful things about myself that I have always easily loved but I always thought my horrible traits would catch up with me or derail me.

But nope, I finally see they are a large part of who I am and just as important to my identify as my amazing qualities.

I think this will be the highlight and greatest achievement of 2018 - learning to like my terrible self as much as my amazing self.

I have had always had such compassion for others and yet often failed to give that to myself (which is so many of us!)

I always loved myself unconditionally but really thought I might like myself more if only I was less this or more that.

There was never anything wrong with me. I was a human being being human. Killing it sometimes and fucking it all up sometimes.

I don’t know anyone who is totally nailing their life and not a total mess some of the time. We all just wear it differently. We are all a perfect mix of having it all figured out and knowing nothing at all. 🤣

We just have to buckle up for the hopefully long time we have on this planet. Be present and enjoy every moment.

No matter who is the President, no matter who in your family you think is your problem, no matter how much money you made this year, or how much weight you didn’t lose this year.

It is so cool that we are alive! 
This is enough. 
The rest is just bonus!

Thanks for being here for me always! Love, MB ❤️


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