Meet Buck


Michael Buckley was one of the first generation of online stars as the award-winning host of the “What the Buck Show” on YouTube.  Buck was hand selected to be one of the first YouTube Partners in 2007 and his content has garnered over 400 million video views!

He won the first ever YouTube Award for Best Commentary, the Next New Breakout Web Star of the Year Award and has been Streamy and Webby Award nominated. He hosted long running online shows for Sony Pictures Television and Iconic TV.

In 2012, he won the Live with Kelly co-host contest (watch clips on YouTube!) He also has done Figure Skating commentary for Ice Network and NBC Sports.

Buck has appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, Fox News, DirectTV, The CW, E!, CNN, MSNBC and has been featured on the front pages of The New York Times, USA Today and Variety.

In 2017, he sold all his possessions, stopped drinking alcohol, stopped eating fast food, stopped drinking soda, hosted the first ever creator only conference ClamourCon, moved across the country, published, the Amazon Best Seller “Help! My Kid Wants To Become a YouTuber!” and launched a successful Life Coaching business. Yay!

In 2018, he plans on tripling his income, over-delivering for his clients, adding muscle (fingers crossed! HA), finding great love, booking some motivational speaking gigs, making YouTube videos with his family for fun and enjoying the heck out of every moment of his new life in Denver!


If you miss the What The Buck show, watch all 10 seasons here: