Life Coaching with Buck

Hey new best friend, longtime “What the Buck” viewer, soon to be client…

So how did this happen? How did Michael Buckley become a Life Coach? I spent years making jokes on YouTube about Miley Cyrus! I WAS LIVING THE DREAM!? 

It’s funny because I always knew this day would come.  When I used to do interviews about my aspirations on TV I would say “I think pop culture is my foot in the door but ultimately I see myself in the self help field.”

Let me rewind a bit..

In 1999 I bought a book about Life Coaching. I had my degree in Psychology and wanted to do something in the mental health industry.  I read the book and was sure that I would become a Life Coach someday.

I ended up working with special needs kids for 7 years - which was amazing, then became an office manager - which was amazing and then a YouTube star - which was amazing!  But I always wanted to be a Life Coach. During every version of myself, I always knew this day would come and it would take all the previous versions of myself to arrive here. 


I remember a coach changing my entire life in one sentence! ONE SENTENCE! The other day I had a client say to me when we were done “IT’S LIKE YOU FLIPPED A SWITCH IN ME AND MY WHOLE LIFE IS BETTER!”

It is crazy the power of life coaching! Now more than ever you need someone. 2017 was a wacky year for many of you. I saw your tweets and your facebook updates! I can help you.

We will work on your mindset, your relationships, your belief system – You can stop thinking such horrible things about yourself. I promise.  We will grow your business! We will create a plan for the rest of your life! 

You will learn to direct your mind, manage your emotions and CREATE AN AMAZING LIFE FOR YOURSELF ON PURPOSE! I am so excited for the work we will do together and all the success you will achieve this year! This is the most important thing you will do for yourself.

In 2019, I am a life that I never even dared to dream!

Let’s Do This! Apply to work with me now! 



- Your Buck

PS - I also work with companies! Reach out if you want me to help create a happy office for you and your employees in person or online!